Everest offers holographic strips to secure your product from duplication and create a distinct identity in crowded retail spaces. They also help to produce eye catching brand packaging.

Can be integrated in the production line in pharmaceutical, flexible laminate, self adhesive labels, etc.
Can be laminated completely with the help of a suitable attachment custom made for the machine.
Specialised in house machines are used to transfer customised holographic image with accuracy on aluminum, paper & plastic printed packaging material.

Holographic stips on alumniumHolographic Strips on Aluminium

Most medicine packs have aluminium foil on one side & PVC on the other side.
Some customers prefer to have the Holographic strips on the aluminium side of the blister.
These strips are also applied through an off-line process.
The customer can choose to do this operation in-house or Everest can apply these strips at it’s facility.
The same holographic strips can be used on alu-alu pharma packs as well as glassine paper pharma packs.

Holographic stips on agarbatti

Holographic Strips on Agarbatti

Transfer of holographic image by a specialized machine in a strip form on the substrate in a roll form.

This is a branding and security solution wherein holographic strips can be pre-transferred.

Holographic stips on PVCHolographic Strips on PVC

This is a branding and security solution for pharmaceutical products wherein holographic strips can be pre-transferred to PVC.

The holographic images provide a high degree of security to the medicine packs and thereby help in authentication of the product.

The application of the strips is done through an off-line process.

The application machine can either be installed at the customers’ premise for greater control or Everest can provide this service at a mutually agreed cost.

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